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Sapphron City is a city riddled with crime, from  law-breaking jaywalkers to grocery store thefts. Syd, a C-Lister superhero, is just trying to find some validation.... instead, she gets mixed up with something far larger, gayer and emotionally complex than she expected.. 

Will she choose to side with Enchantress, the magician with a dark past, or Frequency, a grizzled veteran hero who's fallen from fame?

Through it all, Syd learns the greatest power of all - not love, but how insanely lucky she is that other women actually want to kiss her.

Scrambled: Syd City is an original visual novel by Team Rumblebee, created for Yuri Jam 2018! 


  • A female protagonist with 2 female love interests to choose from
  • Hot dates and kisses
  • The ability to choose your own destiny
  • 4 unique endings
  • Over 44,000 words
  • Available for Windows, Mac & Linux (.sh in windows download)

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
AuthorTeam Rumblebee
GenreVisual Novel
TagsLGBT, Ren'Py, Superhero, Superpowers
MentionsOctober was a month full of game jams. H...


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Great game! Sequel when? haha no seriously sequel when pls

I loved all the characters designs and I love, love, love Syd’s. I stan Magician Lady, Syd the Useless Lesbian, and Angry Cyberpunk Mom! Everything, from the font choice to the music, feels very comicbook-y and helps with getting immersed. I’m not even into superhero comics and I was all hyped playing this. I don’t know if the developer is into superhero comicbooks or not, but if they aren’t then they are really good at imbuing the game with a love for superhero comics that I’d only thought I’d see in a true fan. I’d read a Scrambled comic, not gonna lie. I love that dumbass butch gay hero.

The relationships were more complex than I initially thought they’d be, which is great, and that left me loving both routes. I simply cannot pick between 90's anti-hero cyberpunk mum and goth magician girlfriend. Also, Sapphron City? Sapphron? I see what you did there and I love it.



One question, which side is evil? Because I wanna try be evil.


Nothing here! just sayin' I'm in love with mommy Alexa.


Wow! Great game!


I really enjoyed this game :) I love the soundtrack! I wish I could download it


Love this game!! Really well written and i love the artstyle and god Alexa mommy af >.<


this is really good! both routes are very good, well-written with engaging characters using a superhero setting skillfully. i especially like that u not only included alexa as an equal romantic option, but devoted an equal interest in her character, her relationship with syd, and their chemistry, and didn't make her age a hang-up for either character while also not pretending it was something to ignore. older/younger romantic f/f content is hard to find, especially such content that legitimately presents an aged woman as a sexually attractive person, and that utilizes but doesnt awkwardly fixate on the age gap. i usually dont have a strong connection to SFW visual novels (and if you ever entertain the idea of an 18+ patch to this, i say YES PLEASE), but i was interested in and enjoying Scrambled: Syd City right through to its end, on both routes.

Same here!


Let me start by saying THIS IS AMAZING! I LOVE THIS! I love the comicbook style art, the cute & witty dialogue, and even cuter & wittier love interests <3 Both routes were awesome, they each had their own charms and lovable traits, and I just,,, ajsndfndf I love everything about this VN. Much love and kudos to the team! <3


Tbh, I wasn't going to download this because it isn't my type of game, but then I read the last screenshot and snorted so hard it hurt. 


Freaking amazing! Whether it's the incredible artwork, the super unique style, the organic and funny dialolgue or the enchanting ladies all of it just feels super polished and exceeds any expectations i had.

Also finally a game where you get to date a more experienced lady! Literally couldn't ask for more. Thanks devs


I got one of the endings, although it wasn't the happy one! The ending was so emotional and I can't wait to get the other endings! Great job!


I loved this game! I was excited for the premise, and I'm so glad it was done wonderfully! The art was really good, and I love how flashy the GUI was — it really fit the game. So far I've only played Enchantress' route but I thought the conflict was well-written (and also she's, really hot). I really enjoyed it, thanks for making and sharing this game!


I love the art and story of this game so much! The characters seem so relatable even though they are superheroes and I really enjoy their personalities. Great job!

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I LOVE this game! It's so good, the art, writing, story, characters, the mood, pacing... I could go on, it's just really fantastic. The script is super funny too, I laughed a bunch of times,  and I love their names. The characters are so adorable, I just want to hug them all! They have their own unique personalities that make them stand out on their own, there's just so much life in them. I haven't finished playing yet, as I am in the middle of reading it right now, but I had to stop to comment on how well made this game is! I honestly have not felt this much love for a VN since Butterfly Soup. <3


I finished playing all the routes and really enjoyed it! I thought the plots twists were very interesting and liked how the endings turned out. My favorite LI would probably be Frequency... I definitely have a thing for hot cougar moms. But I also loved Enchantress, she's just so cute with her playful flirting and blushing when she reveals her more softer side. Syd was a great character too, she's dorky, relatable,  and a fun person to read. And she's also butch! That's not something I come across too often in Yuri VNs. The last thing I want to note is the art. It's so nice to look at, especially that flashing choice menu, maybe this sounds weird, but I couldn't stop staring at how cool it was LOL. Overall, this was a great game and I would be super excited if there was ever going to be a part 2!


This game is so wonderfully done. The writing, the vibe, the art, and everything is pulled together so nicely- you guys have absolutely done it again and made another wonderful game!! (also shoutout @ emilia for writing the enchantress route, i could NOT be any gayer for her. thank you. i am in love)


Awesome game, love the art style. 


*Gay screaming intensifies*

Got all the endings for both of the LIs, and they're both so lovable! I giggled way too much for both of the routes. I kinda wish that Enchantress's route was a bit longer but it's still awesome. Thank you for creating such a quirky and fun game.

 10/10 game all around


This game is beautiful and I love all the characters and the music. At the moment I am trying to find the song that plays at the end of Freq story and I am hoping you can help me find the band that made it?

Once again this game is amazing.

Thank you!

All the music is done by Malthe. He currently doesn't have any plans to upload the tracks, but we have a Music Gallery option in the game where you can listen to them all!

Thank you for the link.


just got all the endings and I loved it! music was a jam, art was pretty, and it made me laugh and get flustered multiple times. i will never stop thinking about my ripped cybermom... i want her to cook me eggs and grimace disappointingly at my butch ass........ frequency's dynamic with syd was something I enjoyed a lot. they're such doofuses??? i love them?? i know there's only so much content you can make within a game jam, but i'd love to see more of them someday. Thank you for my life

Thank you for the nice comment, really glad you enjoyed our game!

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i like artstyle. everything really looks like in modern superhero comics. Sprites and backgroungs are lovely. You did very good job with changing face expressions. 

Well, It's never too many stories about superheroes.  and memes :)

Syd the cute tomboy and two adorable love interests :D . But I can't tell anything more about them (they want to keep their super-identities super-secret xd) 

. . .

I've finished both routes. 

Enchantress' route is very interesting: two totally different girls falling in love together. Even their moral code aren't similar... It also  interesting how different she acts when not wearing costume. Cold and mean villain changes into nice and lovely girl. The good ending was amazing (enchanting xD). 

Frequency's route are different kind of story... They both are good people. The both are good in moral sense, too. Well, there's a little age difference between them but... Who cares? :)  She looks like someone a little bit lonely and in need of someone to take care of.The good ending was amazing

You could add few more CGs. I'd make your game a little better. 

I found a bug... F's route, coffee shop. Syd asked "...with a C or a K?" . And "Karen" aswered her question but textbox had Syd's name. 


Thanks for the in-depth comment! We would definitely like to add more CGs as well (and good catch on that bug, we'll probably patch that up in the future!)

how did you get a happy ending with Freq?

I trusted her. and later chose to let her keep her gun


I enjoyed the comic book style visual novel. It was very refreshing and, unique you made a  story like this! It's interesting to put yourself in the shoes of Syd and, try to understand a moral grey area.

So glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for taking the time to make a video too!


i just played enchantress's route and it was so cute and now im on frequency's and she's so cool shdakhsdshjshkjahdskhjdas cant believe y'all gave me butterflies over a fictional superhero. also??? explicitly butch protag??????? and i just realized that y'all did loan wolf and love is strange??????????? i would die for all of you in an instant

Thank you so much for the nice comment, and a majority of the team worked on Loan Wolf and Love is Strange too! <3


The memes, the gay... this game's got everything!

*** Mild spoilers below ***

I just,,, love Charlie,,, so much,,

I got her bad ending first and it KILLED ME! But then I got her good ending and it also killed me.. but in the best way possible. You guys just keep on making fantastic wlw games and frankly, I can't get enough! I really hope you guys continue doing what you're doing!

Thank you!! The bad endings are pretty rough, but we're glad you got to experience the good end too :)


Finished the game and got all the endings, another good game from Team Rumblebee and god did I love this game, every meme references got be choking in laughter especially the one with Frequency. Great game guys! Keep up the good work and good job on this one!

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed!

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so many memes...I love Syd...I screamed each time xD

I think the Frequency route is my fav, but I don't think I got the best end for Enchantress, so i'm gonna give her route another go. Thanks for the amazing game!

edit: I finished both endings, and I think frequency's story just has more detail. Still fun though!

How did you get the good ending for Enchantress?

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Just be sincere to her and try your best to be understanding and not be pushy.

Thank you!!

how did you get a happy ending with Freq?

Talk to her instead of hiding the gun


Another great game from Team Rumblebee! 

Not sure why you aren't advertising this game as being available for Linux too. I played using the .sh file in the pc download, and it worked perfectly. 

Good to know! Thanks for your support!