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Laika, an overworked werewolf slaving away at a tech-support desk, is having a hard time navigating her budding relationships between full moons. Between her long-suffering nymph best friend and a new succubus co-worker, Laika finds life turning a whole new level of complicated. Suddenly, student loans seem like easy mode.

Loan Wolf is a short original visual novel by Team Rumblebee, created for Yuri Jam 2016!


  • A female protagonist with 2 female love interests to choose from
  • The only monster girls that matter: a werewolf, nymph and succubus
  • Soul crushing student loans
  • 4 unique endings
  • Over 15,000 words
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux


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LoanWolf-1.1 Windows 77 MB
LoanWolf-1.1 Mac 76 MB
LoanWolf-1.1 Linux 80 MB


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Heads up, your windows exe contains a TrojanMalpack


I really loved this game!

Also made a video for it:


Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed :)

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I really enjoyed the game, I wish it was a bit longer but I am contempt.

i need to remember to download this


I really like it ♥

Artstyle is really good. CGs, BGs, music and sprites are very good. 

It is really an interesting idea to show CGs in screen of smartphone.

In teresting story with few meaningful choices and few endingds. And set in interesting univers.

Plus of course all the girls have interesting styles, personalities  and they are cute ♥


Tried to play it, but my antivirus blocked it saying it contained a trojan.. 

an amazing game!! cute artstyle and lovely music, enjoyed it so much!

Aww it was shorter than I expected but so cute!!

This is a super fun game - the art is so gorgeous and I'm so stoked about monster girls.... !!! 


Really cute game! I love the graphics and the backgrounds. Very clever premise! I played this one awhile ago and I have been meaning to leave a comment. Very good game I hope you guys do more like it :D

Really fun game!! The art is fantastic! Loan Wolf is short and sweet without coming off as rushed or shallow! Thanks for sharing Rumblebee

i love this game if you can can you please email me the pictures of where Lika was kissed by everyone please?

hey, i have the application in the windows .zip file i downloaded but when i extracted the files, it disappeared! i'm super eager to play this game and would appreciate any help. thanks!! xx

Hi there! Could you redownload the file, and try to extract the file to somewhere easy to find (like your desktop)? Let us know if it's still disappearing.

Yeah, I extracted it to my desktop and it's still not there :(

I've uploaded an extracted version on google drive. Just right click, and download the folder! https://drive.google.com/drive...

it... didn't work. i guess it's just not meant to be :(

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Disable your anitvirus it might detect it as an potentual virus It happened to me too but now it's okay

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Each time I try to play this game, Malware Bytes quarantines it for 'Trojan.Malpack'. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone have a solution? Thanks.

Hi there! Loan Wolf does not contain any type of malware. My only suggestion would be to disable your anti-virus when trying to run it.

adding this to my collection to play <3 the art looks amazing <3


i never played it but i am soo exited

Hope you enjoy!


I love this game so much, great job guys:)

can't wait to follow you on your journey for what else is in store!

hey, just letting you know that malwarebytes flagged the exe as a trojan


Simply fantastic and super cute.

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You did it again, Team Rumblebee!

I loved Love is Strange so much, and was pleasantly surprised to find out you made another game. This game is like an early Christmas gift and I keep replaying it even after having unlocked everything <3

Special kudos for creating relatable characters, especially Vicky.

That's awesome!! Creating Vicky was a group effort, and i'm glad her character has been able to help you out. Good luck~

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Here is my part 1 voiceover of this game!

Awesome, thanks for sharing!


Nice game i enjoy playing it.