A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Originally released 4/1/2016 on Tumblr

In Love is Strange, you play as Max Caulfield, an 18-year-old in her second year at the prestigious Blackwell Academy in the sleepy seaside town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon. Max, who aspires to become a famous photographer, finds herself challenged by the prospect of entering a photography contest hosted by her school. To be able to enter the contest, she has to pick a partner to work with. From there on out, what happens is up to you.

A female protagonist with 4 female love interests to choose from: Chloe Price, Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase, and Rachel Amber

  • Emotional storylines and characterization that evolve and respond to your choices
  • Peaceful alternate universe setting with all of the cozy nostalgia of Arcadia Bay but none of the suffering
  • More than 150,000 words making for hours of gameplay
  • 9 unique endings
  • A journal that changes dynamically according to your decisions
  • 32 achievements to find
  • A gallery with 48 unlockable images
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Hawt Dawg Man
  • Lots of love for the world of Life is Strange and its characters


LoveIsStrange_1.2.zip 164 MB


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Hi! Have you already played the beta version of this new hentai game? If no, then do it now, it's AWESOME. Just look how good the graphics and the lewd scenes are!

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I loved this visual novel so much, me being a huge life is strange fan when I found this I was so damn happy! I just finished uploading my LP for the game I went down the Chloe route because Chloe is my favorite and I always shipped Max and Chloe together they would just be such a cute couple. For real though this was an amazing game thanks so much for making it, I had a lot of fun! :D 


victoria best grill


AMAZING game, I cannot describe how much I love this game. It really makes you feel for each and every one of the characters. I just wanted to let you guys know the awesome work that you are doing, and encourage you to keep creating games like this. Whether it is derived characters from games like life is strange, or standalone characters from your own creation (both would be great pieces of work, I’m sure of it), I will 100% follow them. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to what you guys have to offer


I cannot for the life of me run the game on my mac :(( what am I post' to do to get it to run? <3


I'm doing the Victoria route now, and the line about Final Fantasy: Spirits Within killed me.

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I just wanted to say that I enjoy this game, and that I appreciate all the effort that you all put into making it. I hope life treats you all well, that you all have a nice day, and that you all keep doing what you enjoy.

P.S. Also sorry about this stupid question but, it is a video game right?


Played it the first time and really love it! Went through the Victoria Path and it was very interesting and enjoyable. Sadly I think I only got a normal ending and not a romantic one. If anyone knows how to get the best/romantic ending with her, let me know without too much of spoilers. Or I guess I might eventually figure it out... Going to try Kate next.


Neat concept. Like the idea you can romance these girls and not have to worry about anything bad happening, like in the original game (still hate episode 5 and the ending). Looks like it is worth playing.

here's the ending 

When the file is almost done downloading, it says Failed - Forbidden


Suppose this doesn't exist an an app, does it?

Unfortunately, it's PC/Mac/Linux only!


Could you make one with her with guys please?


You came to the wrong fandom.


What, Warren was one of the two official love interests.


No actual series fan goes for Warren, bruh. This is not a boy meets girl fandom. This is a Chloe meets girl fandom. 

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Yeah, no, sorry. I totally went for Warren, despite him being a bit creepy with his stalkerish ways. Chloe had far too many issues for me. There is no such a thing as an actual series fan. This is a Max does supernatural things fandom with completely optional bisexual romance options. Which I don't need in a fangame, but yeah.


That's all well and good but why are they all so buff?

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I just wish you had made a shorter version of this inspired by Before the Storm with Chloe romancing Rachel and Steph as well so I could continue my gay Arcadia Bay adventures! Either way, I absolutely ADORE this game, Chloe and Max's kissing scene has been my laptop background for months. You can really tell how much effort was put into it: the writing, art, and soundtrack are all superb. I wish I could live in this softer, less chaotic, more gay version of Arcadia Bay!  


Pleaaaaase add Nathan


who's nathan

Nathan Prescott. Rich kid that's buddies with Victoria and bullies Max in the first game.


dude add guys too like Warren and Nathan

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such a lovely game! I miss Life is Strange.

lovely characters and great story 


Thank you!!

Is this before Max get her Time rewinding power?It would be cool if she could use her power though :l.. like in Life is strange but otherwise great story and art.

It's kind of a normal-au, so she doesn't have her powers in this, and it doesn't follow canon.


Part 2 of our playthrough ;) 

Is this game free of NSFW scenes? If there aren't any NSFW scenes then I would love to make a video.

It is completely safe for work!


Hey! played your game for my channel!

Can't seem to open this for Mac? Really want to play it but it doesn't open? Is there a certain version of OS I'm supposed to use? I have the latest OS, Mojave.  


When news came that LIS2 would not follow Max, Chloe or Rachel, I was completely lost as to how to gt my LIS  fix. Nothing I've seen before compares to the quality of this, nor the emotions it can provoke. It is more than obvious that you guys spent a lot of time creating this, and I really appreciate it. If you continue to work, set up a patreon because I would certainly support y'all for bringing me this, and  I'm sure others would love to, too.


Oh my god. This is such a beautiful game; I've only played Kate and Rachel's routes so far, but it is just so stunning. The choices are so deeply impactful and the slight shifts in how the plot plays out based on your differing choices are wonderful. Rachel's route was so, so beautiful. You have managed to capture these characters in all they are absolutely brilliantly. Kudos to you for making such an incredible game. Thank you for sharing such an amazing piece of art. 


Thank you so much! We had an amazing team who poured their heart into it :)

Can I translate this game to polish language? I can also show this game on my YouTube channel :D


wish for more options other than cis-female


I really loved playing this game, Max & Chloe forever!

Also made a video for it:

Awesome! Thank you so much.


I love this! You managed to capture the characters and general atmosphere of LIS really well. The routes are real fun to play and believable and the dialogue is both entertaining and emotional. The art is beautiful and also fits the LIS art style. The achievements and gallery are a fun bonus, too. Sorry for rambling, I just really think you did a great job! ^^


Thank you so much <3


i LOVE this so much it's so great!!!!! aaaaa all of the routes are just wonderful and i love them all <3 (chloe's my favorite personally but i also really like victoria's route!) 

Thank you so much! <3




Love the art style some one has amazing skills to depict the characters from Life Is Strange. Although I don't remember the teacher being a hot dog hahahaha.

how do play this? i have winrar


After you extract it with Winrar, you should see an application called LoveIsStrange-FULL.exe. Just double click that!

keeps saying its missing

yes yes yes

so do we get to influence Max's personality or only approval points? jw!


Approval points!